Saturday, April 3, 2010

Is anyone besides me...

kind of sick of the internet?  Or maybe it's what we do with it that I'm finding wearing.  Our personal blogs become extensions of how we are using our minds.  Some of the blogs I visit are just obsessive wanting...for clothes, shoes, bags...someone else's body, life, or house.  Tips on giveaways or getaways.  How to do this or that, like Martha Stewart's spawn.  Or rants,  a place to get things off their chest.   Yesterday I didn't open my computer as much, and I noticed that I felt happier.  I felt more present in my surroundings.  How 'bout you?
p.s. But of course, Wednesday,  the day I felt the most sick of it, I found this page.  And THAT was meaningful, if not downright ironic!


ashlee said...

Yes, i hear you! blogs are bullshit! Except yours and mine, of course. (vanessa, too - because where else would i see blogbaby evelyn?)
Yours because I love to see what you see, how you have such magical moments.
Here's to no more bullshit blogs. Spring clean our RSS feeds

judy said...

Ha's funny that even though some of those blogs are like "empty calorie" junk food, I still feel attracted to them, like internet crack. I drug myself with them. Everyone should and I suppose, DOES share what they NEED to share. What I'm questioning is why I believe I need to ingest what they are putting out. Especially if it isn't really that nourishing. I guess sometimes I just want a bag of Doritos :)!

judy said...

Traci isn't junk food...did you see this self-portrait?

The orange hair, red lips, blue sky and those shadows!

And I love your blog!...and Vanessa's!...though I didn't see the baby video because I'm not on Facebook.

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