Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not your usual NDE

I don't have a picture to go with this link of this woman's near death experience.  It's very long, but for me, it's been worth the read.  THX, Trish!


Sandy said...

I got so much out of this when I read it the other day! I will definitely re-read this a lot.

judy said...

one of the most powerful things she said...or that I heard :) was in the follow up interview part...that the purpose of life was to BE, shifting away from being externally driven. That is often how I live and feel, yet the day I found this, that message alone was what I needed, believing thoughts of being old, or a failure, comparing myself to others.

Some of the other parts I loved (I put these on TGP too):

So now, back into 3D life, it feels like even solid walls, distance, and time are constraints that can be overcome, just by a change of “state”.

Having had the experience I have, it feels like nothing is real, but every single possibility exists. 

I realized that “heaven” is not a place, but a state.

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