Thursday, May 6, 2010



Sandy said...

That would be me.....

I don't even use a cell phone...I'm too busy doing yard work to call people let alone text. I don't need anybody getting a hold of me at will. If I need to communicate I'll contact them, ha!

And...I still have a portable CD player, never having yet bought an MP3 player or whaddeveryoucallit.

I embarrass my kids. In fact, I still sleep on my captain bed waterbed. I cannot part with it.

judy said...

Oh, you're "old school", Sandy :)! Interesting that you are so computer savvy at the same time. I understand about the not needing/wanting to be available. But I do love my iPhone, mostly because it takes pictures (!)... AND is a phone and email and internet...and to think I didn't even want one in the beginning. A water bed? That is so 70's :)

Sandy said...

no no no, I got my "new" waterbed in 1991 (my first waterbed was in the 70's). This one was the newer kind, sit up high on drawers, has some kind of great lumbar support, doesn't flip flop all over the place when you sit on it. I rarely have back problems or hip problems like others I know who sleep on just a normal bed. But, if we move in the next few months I may give it up. YOu're right, I think I am old school in some way,

but in other ways, I'm oh so trendy like when I wear my plastic crocs outside to do yard work! Ha.. I would much rather never talk on a phone so I don't use a cell phone. I did have one but gave it to my husband. I would always forget to take it anywhere.

I do have the desire and motivation though, to learn computer stuff to enhance my blogs...but I'm a long way from knowing really what to do.

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