Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chris playing with my phone again:

The state of the kitchen here made me think of this post called "Real Life is Messy".


Sandy said...

I like that pic! Always cool to peak inside someone's place even through a glass...ha. Are you in Washington ..for some reason I thought the Bay area..

judy said...

We're in Seattle, Sandy. I've posted San Francisco photos when we've taken trips there a couple of times. Love it there!

Sandy said...

Just got back here to read your answer..thanks for commenting. Seattle..hmmm, a place I've always wanted to visit some day.

Once we get our house sold I'm hoping for a two week or more trip up the coast maybe as far as at least HUmboldt...I've' always wanted to visit the redwoods up close. Until then I at least can visit Muir woods when we go up to see my oldest son.

I was in Seattle once, for a layover at the airport on my way to Idaho to see my father who was in hospice care at the time up there.

I remember meeting a few people from the "gathering", who came to meet my sis and I at the airport...for a quick visit. It was great.

Seattle has such good coffee or so I read.

I've enjoyed catching up here.

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