Tuesday, September 7, 2010


episode of Mad Men this week.  Don't click on this link or this one before watching!


ashlee said...

ahhhhh IT WAS SOO GOOOOOD!!! Adam and i were stunned. STUNNED
oh i love those guys.
now we just need a heated episode dedicated to our other favorite due: STERLING and JOANY!!
We're heading off to montreal on a last minute HURAHH before Adam starts back up at school. We'll be back on Saturday!! (with pics, of course)

judy said...

oh I know, I love those guys too. I'm so obsessed with that show. I realized in rewatching season three with you this summer how there is so MUCH in each episode that I can miss the first time. Peggy is struggling to know how to "not be a girl" in a man's world..."it's my birhtday"..."You never say thank you"...so like women do...yet not to be a man either. So timely.

Have a wonderful trip! Love you both.

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