Sunday, March 28, 2010

Better the second time around

It was extra sweet to watch the DVD of Bright Star at home yesterday because when I saw it in the theater I had rushed to a matinee of it on opening day, only to realize that who attends matinees are mostly old (older than me) women and oh my gosh, they like to TALK through the whole film.  When shushed by some of us, they just whispered loudly!  It was so annoying to hear "oh isn't that beautiful" after every scenic shot, but ultimately comical when one of them said to the other: "I don't know how to tell you this, but he dies".   (Everyone knows Keats dies young, so I'm not spoiling it for you).  It was a bit like watching the movie AND an SNL skit with Kristen Wig at the same time.   So this second time I enjoyed every beautiful/tragic scene complete with costumes and harpsichords, ALONE.  It was marvelous hearing director Jane Campion talk about the unexpected field of blue flowers that appeared on the estate where they filmed and ended up as this scene below:

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