Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Long, but wonderful

Esther Gokhale is delightful and I found this so informative.  Help for my painful neck and shoulders, I hope.  Or watch it a bit bigger here.


Anonymous said...

Judy - I frequent this site and really appreciate you for doing it. You may have sped up my back healing by posting the link for Esther Gokhale. I enjoyed the video and just now ordered her book "8 Steps..." book on Amazon. Thanks a bunch. Bruce (on TGP)

judy said...

Bruce, Hi! Thanks for visiting...and commenting. It's nice to know who is "here". Welcome!

I found her book yesterday too. When I got home, I had the thought, wow, I wonder if she has video's, that's when I found the google video.

Did you try the exercises in the video? Such a different way to sit and move. I am noticing some improvement. Hope you do too!

Sandy said...

Hey Judy, how have you been? I bookmarked this and will listen later. I have had back problems here and there.

ashlee said...

hey judy!
woohoo i just finished watching, what a great romulan lady! it is the posture of the empire, really.
love you thanks for posting!

judy said...

Hi Sandy! Good to see you... I'm well, thanks. Have you sold your house yet?

Ash, I had that thought too, about Romulans...a pretty, gracious one...! We're such trekkies, huh?

Sandy said...

No Judy, haven't sold yet, one can only have patience I guess for that perfect someone to pull out their wallet...

Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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