Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Underwater sculptures

See and read about them here.


ashlee said...

that's awesome! i loved the "man on fire" one.
really great idea! i'm surprised no one has done it before!
love you! i will update the blog when i get back, having a great time with kate and my family ! although I think I'm catching a cold :(
love you

judy said...

Ashlee, So good to "see' you. So glad you are having a great trip. I hope you feel better!

Adam told me you were going to road trip through the South of France! We were both jealous...in a good way :) of course.

Love you too...have fun.

Sandy said...

Judy I found a video you might like. I was looking for "cliche" and came across this, "snow day in Seattle". I love the music, the editing...everything about it. Thought you might enjoy it.


Sandy said...

p.s. the reason I like it, is the use of music - how by the more ominous sounds the viewer feels different with each scene but put more happy music to the scenes with the "guy" the interpretation might have been so different.

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